My goal is return the best quilt possible to you at a reasonable price and in your time frame. In order to do that, I ask that you please read this information sheet before submitting your quilt top.


BIAS EDGED TOPS may stretch or warp when rolled on the frame so it is important for you to stitch the edge of the quilt 1/8” all the way around to secure edges.

WHITE OR LIGHT COLORED QUILT TOPS  Please give special attention to the wrong side of your quilt top especially on white or light colored tops.  Frayed seams/fabric and piecing threads must be clipped otherwise they may ‘shadow’ through the top.  If I must take the time to clip threads there is a $25.00 charge per top.

MARK THE TOP, BACKING AND BATTING (if provided by you) with a safety pin along the top edge of your pieces.  This will let me know how to load your quilt, top to bottom, side to side.

BACKING AND BATTING (if provided by you) needs to be 4-5 inches longer and wider (on each side) than the top.  This will insure that there is plenty of fabric to load the quilt properly and get the tension needed for each side.  If I piece and prepare the backing there is a $7.50 additional charge for each seam.

EDGES, TOP AND BOTTOM MUST BE TRIMMED AND STRAIGHT.  If I need to trim and straighten the edges, there is a $5.00 charge per edge.

THREAD MUST BE 40 WT., LOW LINT, And LONG STAPLE COTTON.  I prefer King Tut or Signature.  Any other thread will be subject to an additional $20.00 set up charge to re-calibrate the machine before quilting.  Please use the same color thread on the back and front of your quilt.

 BUSY BACKS (print fabrics) are recommended to hide any stitch imperfections, stops and starts.

PIECED BACKS SHOULD BE PIECED WITH A ½” VERTICAL SEAM PRESSED OPEN.  REMOVE SELVAGE BEFORE PIECING! If the quilt backing is pieced horizontally, there is no guarantee that the seam will be located in the center of the quilt.  If the backing is pieced off grain, there is a potential for the back seam to ‘wave’ on the back.  SELVEGE edges must be removed. 


BINDING –If I am to do the binding, I prefer to prepare the fabric myself to assure I have the right size and amount needed.   Three finishes for binding are available:  machine top stitched, blanket stitch on top or hand finished.  Prices vary accordingly.

HINT:  If you want to avoid rippling borders, please measure your quilt top from the center before sewing on the borders!

Virginia Isaacs    727-785-6666